The Power to Empower

Empowering children and families

The Power to Empower

Empowering children and families

What is Taatzumot?

Taatzumot is a non-profit, full-service organization committed to helping children and their families build healthy, successful and happy lives. We believe that every soul can be given the opportunity to fulfill his potential despite the hardships and crises that can affect people in all walks of life. Our full-service program is tailored to individual needs, under the direction of caring, empathetic and professional staff.

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What Our Clients Say

Our son was about to be expelled from school. We had been by so many professionals without seeing any progress. In desperation we tried Taatzumot and there we experienced a much broader approach which helped our son get back on track



Every week I come to Taatzumot and I feel like I'm entering a "spa" for my emotional well-being


Widowed Mother of 5

After our divorce, my house was upside down. I was so lucky to find Taatzumot who saved my life during this difficult period. The case manager as well as the therapists were professional and warm at the same time and turned my family from dysfunctional to happy and successful.



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Our center is located at Givat Moshe 5, Jerusalem, Israel

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