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About Taaztumot

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional, sensitive intervention and treatment services for children, teens, adults and families encountering challenges in their lives, all under one roof. We help families and children experiencing challenges to gain the skills and empowerment to turn difficulties into strengths, building their potential for success in all areas of life.

Meet our Directors

Tami Katzenelbogen - Founder and Director

Tami is the former head supervisor of the "Petachya" special needs and language preschool. As the sister of a young man with Down Syndrome, she personally experienced the lack of support for a family experiencing difficulty and this is how Taatzumot was born. Currently, she runs Taatzumot and also helps many families with her expertise,  knowledge and years of experience.

Tzivi Shmulevitz - Founder and Director

Co-Founder and co-director, Tzivi has also devoted years of professional experience working with children who have learning disabilities and guiding their parents in maximizing their children’s potential. The sister of Tami Katzenelbogen, Tzivi never dreamed that her initial “help” in launching Taatzumot would grow to become a full-time career. She currently serves as both guidance counselor and educational expert.

Henny Moshel - Director of English Department

Henny has worked as a speech and language pathologist in the school systems as well as in afternoon programs.  Previously, she directed and supervised staff in "Yad Zvi"-a  Jerusalem-based center  for children with learning and behavioral difficulties. Today she is the address for guiding the English speaking community who often feels lost in a country where they didn't grow up.

Miriam Donner - Director of Yiddish Department

Miriam has a Master's degree in speech-language pathology from Nova Southeastern University and a bachelor's degree in guidance counseling from the Israeli Ministry of Education. She has worked over a decade in the school systems as well as maintaining a private practice. She currently serves as both guidance counselor and educational expert especially for the Yiddish speaking community where these services where not available beforehand.

Chedva Perlman - Director of Child Development

Chedva has a Masters degree in guidance counseling from the Bar Ilan University. She currently serves as both guidance counselor and special education expert, and comes to Taatzumot with many years of experience working with children with special needs and guiding teachers in the special education system.

Our Therapeutic Team

Taatzumot has one of the broadest multi-disciplinary team of therapy professionals in Israel - with over 75 professionals on staff. 

Med-Psych Team

25 professionals

  • 1 neuro-developmental doctor
  • 1 psychiatrist
  • 6 psychologists
  • 9 social workers
  • 5 psychotherapists
Active Waiting Room
Occupational Therapy

Creative Therapy Team

41 professionals

  • 12 art therapists

  • 11 music therapists

  • 4 psychodrama

  • 6 animal therapists

  • 4 play therapists

Para-Medical Therapy Team

16 professionals

  • 6 speech-language pathologists

  • 5 occupational therapists

  • 2 family therapists

  • 1 sport therapist

  • 1 physical therapist

  • 1 coach for ADHD


Med-Psych Therapists

25 Professionals

  • 1 Neuro-Developmental Doctor

  • 1 Psychiatrist

  • 6 Psychologists

  • 9 Social Workers

  • 5 Psychotherapists

Creative Therapists

41 Professionals

  • 12 Art Therapists

  • 11 Music Therapists

  • 4 Psychodrama Therapists

  • 6 Animal Therapists

  • 4 Play Therapists

  • 3 Cognitive Play Therapists

Para-Medical Therapists

16 Professionals

  • 6 Speech-Language Pathologists

  • 5 Occupational Therapists

  • 2 Family Therapists

  • 1 Sport Therapist

  • 1 Physical Therapist

  • 1 ADHD Coach

Sara's Story

Sara, an otherwise healthy and adjusted  10-year-old girl, suddenly developed anorexia. Panicked, the parents came to Taatzumot for help. After a few sessions of play therapy with a staff psychologist, Sara revealed that she was being abused by one of her classmates.

Sara continued therapy with the psychologist and worked together with the school to ensure the abuser was permanently removed and build a safe environment. After several months, Sara was able to overcome the anorexia by working through the underlying issues. She has since been flourishing in school and at home.

Our Facilities

As our previous location was not able to accommodate the many desperate needs of the community, we were required to expand. Our new state-of-the-art site is equipped to meet the various needs of the families and its aesthetic and calming design gives the individuals facing difficulties a place to feel special.

1 Mission,
3 Languages

To ensure that language and culture never present a barrier to providing needed assistance, our center offers three departments: Hebrew, English, and Yiddish. These departments are each staffed with attentive and qualified staff who can provide quality intervention according to the language and culture of the clients’ respective communities. We are committed to providing open hearts and open and clear communication to all who approach us. Our staff understand our clients in the context  of their beliefs and cultural background, which paves the way for the most effective interventions.

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Our center is located at Givat Moshe 5, Jerusalem, Israel

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