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What We Do


Our Intake staff consisting of several guidance counselors with many years experience in education and special education interview   the parents or other key caregivers for an extensive assessment of the child’s situation and need for various therapeutic treatment and activities. To help us with an accurate evaluation, our questions are geared to helping us understand what the main concerns are now, the relevant history that has led to the current situation, and an overview of the family dynamics. We will also inquire about prior therapy for family members, and discuss whether the parents or caregivers believe it was helpful or not.


Case Management

When we feel it is necessary, the  case manager will contact the school to understand the child’s level of functioning in school and to initiate cooperation.    In addition to the suggested course of therapy we will also schedule follow-up meetings with all professionals involved in the case, such as therapists, and parents, teachers, tutors, mentors, and other involved individuals. 

Therapy at Taazumot 

We treat children adolescents and adults, providing a full range of psychological counseling services, and various therapy options including expressive art therapy, music therapy, animal therapy, play therapy and movement therapy.


Teamwork and Networking

Effective intervention requires teamwork. Our staff at Taatzumot provides ongoing guidance and support with the client’s family, teachers or other appropriate school representatives, and significant others. This consistent communication allows the therapy process to have as strong a benefit as possible on a day-to-day basis. This communication from family and school helps us stay on top of new developments as healing and recovery take place.

Avi's Story

Avi, an 8-year-old boy who had suffered lifelong abuse and neglect by his biological parents, landed with a caring foster family. Unfortunately, so much damage had been done that Avi functioned very poorly, both cognitively and emotionally. He was withdrawn, frustrated, anxious, and unable to focus in school.

The psychologist referred the foster parents to Taatzumot, where Avi began to improve. Art therapy helped him emotionally, while cognitive play therapy boosted his learning abilities. A guidance counselor/case manager continued to support the entire family during the difficult transition, while also guiding the school on how to empower and deal with Avi.

After 3 years of work, Avi learned to build relationships, calm down, and improve cognitively. Now 13, Avi has had his Bar Mitzvah and is thriving. His foster family sent a heartwarming letter to Taatzumot on the occasion, expressing their gratitude for giving them a new son

Other Services

  • Parenting groups

    These are highly supportive and informative workshops for parents of children coping with various difficulties such as ADHD, behavior and communication

  • Social Skills Groups

    Clients are assigned groups appropriate not only for their age but also their particular social and- communication deficits.

  • ADHD coaching

    For adults and children.

  • Evaluations

    Psychological and psycho-didactic evaluations, speech-language and OT evaluations

  • Community events

    Education and outreach in the community to increase awareness of relevant issues and solutions.

Strict confidentiality and discretion is maintained to provide a safe and nonjudgmental environment for growth.

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Our center is located at Givat Moshe 5, Jerusalem, Israel

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